Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Long time no see

About time I posted an update, I think.

Just spent a little time at KaneKong at the Movies. Nice to see some honest opinions for a change.

We've had some fun (?) at work lately, what with servers falling over and the like. Ah, great times.

On the home front, I'm hopefully getting a new(er) car very soon. My old car decided to die a couple of months ago. On an automatic, there is one component that is the most complex piece of machinery: the transmission. Which makes it also the most expensive to repair. When your car decides that Reverse is the only gear worth knowing about, it isn't very pleasant to be the driver.

And since the cost of repairs is more than the value of the car, it wasn't worth doing. So instead I'm selling one of my kids to pay for a new car. Okay, so maybe not, I'll be (gulp) financing it. The finance company concerned apparently liked me enough to say "yeah, we'll lend up to $X". They didn't like the car I choose though, so now I have to find one they DO like.

Which is good, because after telling my family about the car I was looking at buying, and how it had ABS brakes, aircon, nice interior, all the other good bits all that they cared about was the colour. "Green? I don't want a GREEN car!"


Anyway, back to work. Lunchtime? Woot!

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