Friday, August 05, 2005

New stuff and some links

I'll have to get the hang of this blogging thing. Update daily, perhaps? Make an effort to have more interesting information? Smaller posts? Longer posts??

Maybe some links would help?
Lee Goldberg's blog is one of my favorite places to visit, due to a few things: he doesn't hold back, he's a writer and he has some interesting posts. And a lot of fanficcers aren't his fans.

Little Gamers is a gaming related webcomic with its own style. Webcomics about gaming or game related include Penny Arcade, Ctrl-Alt-Del and quite a few others. Another couple of webcomics I read regularly are Something Positive and Megatokyo. I've been trolling through the archives on these lately and got up to date on all Little Gamers. Only a few more to go.

New stuff: not much. Done some SYSVOL replication fixing on a domain controller that was... interesting. Cleaned up the AD record for old Exchange 5.5 servers so that we can move soon to native mode Exchange 2000 Server. Trying to cope with some moron who has decided sending forged SYN Flood packets to one of our mail relays is a fun thing to do. You know, normal stuff.

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