Monday, September 19, 2005

Back again.

Not much is happening currently. I was going to go to the Melbourne Grand Prix -- that is, not the car race but the Magic: The Gathering tournament. However, a good look at the funds in my bank makes this a bit of a non-event, especially since my son wants a Laptop for Xmas.

A laptop. Well, not just a laptop, he wants something gamer worthy. That makes it about $1000+ more than it would be otherwise as it needs a Radeon/Geforce mobile video card in it for a start. Add to that the 1G of RAM it will need and a decent sized HDD and you get on the pricey side.

There goes the trip to Melbourne!

Ah well... I was going to suck bad anyway. I'm not totally deluded, if I was winning tournaments here often or even just top-eighting now and then, I'd probably go. But with my current losing streak in events it really isn't worth it.

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