Friday, September 23, 2005

Things that make me go Boom!

Which really only leaves the nuclear option. Nuclear energy is actually the best alternative to burning oil. First, it scales; it is already possible to build big nuclear power plants which produce energy on the scales required. Second, it is relatively clean; although the problem of waste disposal is a problem, it is arguably less destructive than releasing hydrocarbons produced from burning oil into the atmosphere, or damming rivers, or covering vast areas with windmills.

Fairly old blog posting linked to, but one I've read recently. And it links to a number of sources indicating that even some of the Greenies are considering it. About time. I've been spouting it for years (Probably due to an inoculation of Heinleinism at an early age) -- Nuclear power is the best choice. Simple. Yes, it is dangerous (so is Coal mining btw, and the pollution from Coal/Oil/Gas fired power plants) but as I italicised above it is waste disposal that is the main issue.

Another link of interest is this (see page 3). Interesting.

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