Friday, September 02, 2005

World of FishCraft

Okay, so its a guest comic on little-gamers, but its still funny.

On WoW I now have a level 29 Night-Elf Druid on the Gilneas server (he's wandering around ironforge atm... haven't played him for a while) and on Dark Iron I've got a level 17 Human Paladin.

Dark Iron is a PvP server. In a way, its THE PvP server cos that's where the PVP fans are playing. Penny Arcade fans are playing there too, with the PVPers being Horde and PAers being Alliance. PvP (the play type, not the webcomic) is different -- there's much more raiding, more likely to run into the other side. Gilneas is a PvE server, it's you vs the environment; Dark Iron is like a bunch of battles with quests inbetween.

Well, that is more true for the American players anyway. Since I'm in the +9 GMT zone, when I get on it can be pretty quiet. Good in a way, because I don't have to put up with twenty minute queues to log in (I did a week ago when I had a day off -- tried to log in and had to wait... and wait...), but I'm missing out on a lot of the other action.

Last night, I made some Flying Tiger Goggles (My Paladin Giladan is an engineer/miner), popped out a bunch of other items, smelted my whole 3 silver ores and bought some better leg armor and a belt (the old ones were crappy, the new ones not much better). I learnt a new spell and then flew off to Redridge. Since it was going to take a minute, I popped outside for a smoke. When I came back, I was dead.

There was a horde raid happening, so I joined in. Two seconds after Res I was dead. Next time took about 3 minutes, dead. Sigh. Res again, and off we go. With a pack of guys we ran after a troll mage, troll rogue and a hunter. Together they chewed us up but I found my Hammer ability (causes stun) was great. If it worked, they were stunned and everyone piled on to kill. If it didn't I had to run like hell. I also chucked some bombs into the attacks as they stun too, but most of the time missed them.

Got a whole 2 honour kills, so I was happy about that. This pvp stuff isn't too bad. Now, to make my paladin a LOT better!

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