Monday, October 10, 2005


Hmm.. long time no blog.

Briefies - getting a laptop for son. Not getting a laptop for son. Getting desktop for son, getting laptop for me. Son can't make up mind. Teenager indecisive -- film at eleven.

WoW - Rogue is level 23. no, 24. Umm.. 25 soon. Good stuff.

When we have two WoW capable pcs, son and I'll be joining a new server and ramping up two characters. Might go horde for a change. Shaman.. hmm???


sgim said...

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Six months ago I purchased the Fujitsu Lifebook T4010D tablet pc and have been extremely happy. There is nothing like pen-based computing in a cafe, home on the couch, in the laundrymat and on and on...

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Good luck in you and your sons pc search!

marty said...

someone reads my blog??

Thanks sgim for visiting. I love the idea of a tablet, however its not likely, more due to the cost of a good tablet than because I don't like them. Good idea though.