Thursday, October 13, 2005

The places you go

Okay, so I'm going through some other blogs and find a link to technorati, which is very much a big site in the blogging world. For a laugh, I search for 'marty'. Hmm... too many hits. I try "marty" and "blogspot".

And find this site (well, the actual link went to the false page -- this is in the archive now), where I'm quoted as saying:

“Funniest thing I saw was a bunch of comments on one spam/link site, that was totally irrelevant but pointed to ANOTHER spam site. The spammers are
spamming each other.”

Which is quite true, I did say it. Mea Culpa. There were other quotes too... only.. they were quoting Phillip Lenssen quoting me.

Okay, did some more vanity-searching on technorati, this time for "Marty Kay" (in quotes).
And found a few more links. Like this one:

Which... is on a SPLOG! Phillip's quote of my comment is a comment on a splog site, advertising (of all things) "Automated Internet Marketing". So splog sites are botblogs.


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