Monday, November 28, 2005

My baby

I'm typing this on my new laptop, the Dell Inspiron 9300.

Other than the "Dell" logo prominently displayed, this is a cool machine. Playing WoW on it is nuts -- widescreen view and very clear. Wireless too (although for a gaming session I hook it into the switch with a cable).

Friday, November 04, 2005


Going on holidays for a couple of weeks. Now, that should be a bunch of downtime to play world of warcraft for 24x7 but instead I'll be cleaning out the granny flat and mowing the lawn at a guess. In between getting the kids up and off to school.
The wifey is off work too the first week -- this is good as it means more sleep, and bad as it means she'll be bossing me around (kidding :)... no.. I am kidding... arrgghhh) which means less playtime.

And some of the time I get off will be spent doing my Nanowrimo novel! As if!