Thursday, December 29, 2005

merry xmas

Merry Xmas, Christmas or whatever.

This blog is becoming my infrequently posted WoW status page. Not good, as I wanted it to be more technical in nature. I'll have to give it some thought.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Teh Wha?

I play World of Warcraft.

My son plays World of Warcraft.

And now... my daughter plays World of Warcraft. :)

Now, if I could only get my Wife to play...

After senselessly grinding turtles for two hours (I need to make some turtle armor for a quest. The armor needs *lots* of turtle scales. Turtle scales drop every... now and then. So I kill ten turtles I might get 2 scales. This means LOTS of Turtle grinding to do) I logged off Telensa and on as my level 8 Human Priest, and did some running around with my daughters level 5 Warlock. :)


Monday, December 12, 2005

3 Dings

Three Dings in a row.

On Friday, I was called into my boss's office -- as I wondered what I'd done (this time), I was handed an envelope and congratulated. The envelope contained an offer to the next level at work, although the duties are pretty much identical. Fantastic! Unexpected too, as the other members of my team had told me horror tales of waiting for two or more YEARS to get promoted to Level 2.

That night, I played some WoW and dinged Level 40. I can get a mount now, which means that (after paying a LOT of money) I will be able to get a big panther to ride on (Night Elves ride panthers, everyone knows that!) and training to ride. This usually costs around 100 Gold all up -- and given I've only ever had at most 10 gold it would be a hard slog to get the cash. Luckily I'm a member of a very good guild, and I should be getting it funded for me. I will pay it back, of course, but once you hit the high levels gold just falls on you.

Then on Saturday, I turned 39. Happy birthday to me. Bleh, 365 days until 40.

Sunday -- went and played Two Headed Giant at infinity games in the city. Much funness. 2HG means a team of two share life totals and turns. Life is set to 40 to start, with a lot of side rules and special stuff. It was great fun, but when we got home, Alex said he wanted to sell all our cards -- even the top-dollar cards that we took ages to get. He only likes playing Limited (that is, when you get cards given to you and use them on the day) and not constructed (which is, you bring the deck with you and a list of the deck). Constructed lets you try to build your own designs, but the winners are often those who have four of each power card in the set -- although it certainly helps if you can play well too...

Limited (especially sealed) is in a way harder and easier -- harder, in that you have to make a deck quickly from the cards you get; easier because no one is going to have anything they didn't open (or draft). Very little chance of having four of the power rares.

Because of this emphasis on Limited, he doesn't really care about the cards we have. And since some cards are worth tens of dollars (well, some cards are worth HUNDREDS of dollars... but we don't have any of them), if we sell them it would equal money. And money is good.

I wanted to keep them, just in case. But then again, I always want to keep things just in case. Which explains the granny flat of doom, filled with boxes of crap. And, as he said, not going to constructed (or BORROWING A DECK if we did go) will mean more time to play wow. Damn the kids got me pegged!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Currently my rogue (Telansa on the Dark Iron realm) is at level 37. She's a Night Elf, a Skinner (Artisan) and Leatherworker (Artisan) although in the low 200s for Leatherwork.

Telansa is in one of the Penny Arcade affiliate guilds, being "The Cardboard Samurai", although there are merger discussions in effect for the whole guild to be absorbed into Annarchy

That would be fantastic :) we're much smaller and by joining Annarchy we would be gaining a lot, while they would be getting a few more serious long-term players.