Thursday, June 01, 2006

Back again

Okay, I'm guilty. I didn't update here for quite a long time (last post was way back on April the 6th).

Some of the reason for that was sheer laziness on my part. This blogging stuff is hard work. I won't even pretend to get a huge number of readers -- fact is that I doubt anyone comes here at all. If you are here and have a read, Hi!! Post a comment so I know you were around :)

Another reason for me not being here was.. well.. I wasn't here.

Blogger had decided I was a spam blog. Their robot locked me out, and that was it. I had to send a "please unlock me" message to Blogger. What I didn't know was that my page would not automagically reappear, but that I had to come into the control part of the blog and republish it.

Now, why did I appear to be a Spam Blog? I don't know. My past posts about Spam Blogs maybe? My links from other sites? My links to other sites?

In any case, the nice people at Blogger must have reset my blog, and so I'm glad to be back. I'll try and keep this site more up to date in future.

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Amber said...

Eye wuz hear.