Thursday, July 27, 2006


I have a lovely condition called "Bursitis" in my right shoulder. This is not fun at all, as it makes the range of motion of my shoulder smaller than it should be. Also, it hurts.

I've been taking anti-inflammatory drugs for the bursitis for over six months, however these don't seem to be improving the problem. Adding to the bursitis is a persitent "numb" (lack of) feeling I get in the hand and forearm. The doctor thought that it might be carpal tunnel at first, but a nerve conduction test showed that to not be the case. Nerve conduction tests, by the way, are done by doctors who get to zap electricity through their patients while trying hard to not laugh.

So.. I'll be getting a needle steered into the joint by using ultrasound, and then steriods will be injected in. This apparently has a good chance of working.

I hope.

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bbum said...

Bursitis.  Ugh.  That sounds downright painful.

It also sounds very much like bone spurs.  I had some in my spine that caused my shoulder down through my hand to hurt.  Or my hip to hurt (bone spurs in the spine poke at the nerves for some section of the body).

Ouch ouch ouch.  Doctor said I'd have to have surgery.  I went with cider vinegar and stretching.  Pain went away, never to return (this was 5 years ago).