Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Speedom of Freach.

I'd been reading some articles on the rise of apparent fascism in the USA. A recurrent theme by commentors include statements like "If it was a dictatorship, you wouldn't be able to say that!!"

Err... Freedom of speech in the blogosphere era just adds a bit more noise to the background. For each comment made by an astute observor, add fifty spam blog posts; twenty astroturf blog posts; official news on Fox; reports on photographing famous people instead of covering the iraq war in national magazines.

Freedom of Speech is irrelevant when no one hears you.


Rob Anton said...

I absolutely think that freedom of speech needs to be defended and is worth fighting for! Please consider elisting, since the country needs able bodied young people to fight for freedom and democracy against terror. Terror! Enlist. Thanks.

marty said...

I'd agree that freedom of speech is worth defending.

However, I'm not an 'able-bodied young people', I'm not American and terrorism can't be 'fought'.

Luke said...

Well, since we just totally broke constitution by removing the right to habeas corpus for people suspected of terrorism I would say USA currently is a fascist republic.

We have also removed laws protecting whistleblowers, and the current administration ruthlessly prosecutes journalists who do not disclose their sources.

Oh, and if you want to make an anti-bush protest, you better do it in a designated free speach zone, far away from any kind of govenmental facilities, or media. Otherwise you will be arrested.

There is no freedom of speach, no freedom or press and no freedom of assembly. And you can be now held in jail idefinitely without the right to a fair trail, or an attorney.

Terrorism is a buzzword - a scare tactic used by republican party to harvest votes. War on Terror is a joke and most of educated Americans know it.

Unfortunately, most of US voters are dumb, analphabetic, bible beating rednecks who would rather live in a fascist dictatorship than to see gays getting married...

Sour Bastard said...

shouldnt you be working marty. Get back to it or I'll set frank on you

marty said...

Ha. I am working, or else I'd be making posts.