Thursday, November 30, 2006

Savaged by ducks

Robert Scoble was asked to attend PodcampNY, and quite rightly asked if travel expenses were an option. Not demanded. Not asked for an appearance fee. If it was a possibility.

Apparently this was too much for one of the organisers, who drops it onto his blog with comments that this was all too much...

Robert posts it on his blog and the fun begins.

The commentary on the organisers blog is quite good, he's not going to be living this down for a while. Especially since he still hasn't apologised.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wacom Pen Tablet set to stun

I've been very slack in updating this blog... I'll have to make an effort to update daily. Or hourly, like Scoble - I think he has a blogging robot that posts for him, but that may only be a rumour.

My shoulder has been very painful. The steroid injection helped not at all, or at least not once the painkiller wore off. My wrist was aching hugely as well, in that numb ache way. So I bought one of these:
This is a Wacom Pen Tablet, the A6 model so it isn't huge. I've been using it as a mouse replacement at work, and pushing work to buy me one -- given it costs about $150 (AUD) I was concerned about leaving it there.
I've found that since I got this I don't get that numb wrist and arm anymore.

It hasn't helped my shoulder a huge amount though.

The Tablet comes with some drawing software as well, so I'll have to give it a try out.

My weight is now around 88 kg, which means I've lost five kg since I started watching calories -- I have approx 1500 a day, although some weekends that is stretched quite a bit. Some meals at Fasta Pasta, for instance, have more that 1500 calories on the plate.