Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And now the next book

Amazingly I just found the sequel to Old Man's War, Ghost Brigades, on a trolley waiting to be shelved at the local Borders, here in Adelaide.

There's one less to shelve now :D

I found Old Man's War to be a very good read. If anything, it was way too short -- that's more my problem than the story, I just read so fast that anything of average size just doesn't last me long enough. If only I could write as fast as I read. I don't remember running into anything that made me step out of the story (although I did guess what "ghost brigade" meant before it came up).

I found the Ghost Brigade part interesting, but superficial: I don't know, maybe I wanted more detail on how they were 'developed' so quickly. This might not make sense if you haven't read the book (or maybe even if you have) but I don't want to ruin anything for the one reader of this blog who came here via the "Next blog at random" button.

If you did, buy the book. It's good. Actually, buy both books.


MICKY said...

What is your favorite, book? Do you believe that you are a sinner? Did you know, that Jesus Christ, died on a cross for your sins? How long is a piece of string? How do you feel, Marty?

marty said...

Sins are imaginary offences against an imaginary being. Since neither exist, dying for them seems a bit stupid to me.

To work out the length of a string, fold it in half, measure it and multiply by two.

MICKY said...

You didn't mention how you feel, Marty! The next time I attend ROSARY, I will pray for you. In the INTERIM, I would suggest that you get down on your knees, and ask Jesus to forgive you, for the above DIATRIBE [sins]. I love [agape] you, Marty! Do you LOVE, me?

PS: You didn’t tell me what your favourite book, is!!