Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And back...

Well... long time no post.

This seems to occur on occasion, I go for a few months without a post. Then I have to do catch up.
Anyway, I've still got the beard, which I'm mostly used to now: I hardly ever look in the mirror and get surprised by it now.

I've stopped playing World of Warcraft, mostly because I'm playing a lot more EVE Online. I'm in a Corporation that is part of the Goonswarm alliance, beating on the Band Of Brothers alliance for the control of the galaxy. Or, more accurately, for them to NOT have control of the galaxy. Then us goons will be off drinking and partying.

I've started work on a novel, and have the outline down already. A first for me, I usually have no idea what I'm writing, get the first couple of chapters down and then choke. Then I forget how it will end and stop writing. I have a few stories like that sitting in my google docs, rotting away.

hopefully I'll update a little quicker next time.