Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gary Gygax gone

E. Gary Gygax, creator of D&D, dead at 69.

Nerds worldwide mourn one of their legends. Gary's rules became D&D, AD&D and on.

Some tributes: Order of the Stick
, Penny Arcade, Something Positive, GU Comics
update: xkcd

Yes, I read a lot of gaming webcomics, why do you ask?

When I was young, I collected many role playing games. Strangely, I hardly ever played them, but I did have D&D (Basic and Expert editions), AD&D, Tunnels and Trolls, Traveller, Runequest and others. And Gary started it all off. Okay, Dave Arneson had a huge input into the first edition, but welp.

TSR went on and had ups and downs, and was eventually acquired by Hasbro, who gave the intellectual property to Wizards of the Coast, who soon will put out Fourth Edition D&D.

I want to see a Dragon Special Edition, with a tribute to Gary. Unfortunately, Dragon was cancelled.

Gary, you lived the life many of us would live. Roll high.

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