Thursday, September 04, 2008

TechEd Sydney 2008

Well... I'm bad. I haven't blogged in six months, which for me isn't that unusual. Given this is a pretty much unread blog, that's not so much of a problem, but the idea is to post regularly... I also use the ellipsis a little too... much. ...

Anywho, I'm here at TechEd 2008, slurping down a load of microsoft. I've had some interesting stuff so far: some good info on Windows 2008 Server Core, and Branch Office DCs, read-only domain controllers that only have the credentials for the users at that site -- great idea. If you lose the DC, you only compromise the local users and you can delete the DC which triggers a "do you want all the users to reset their passwords" function.

I'm also hitting every PowerShell session I can: not happy that I missed out for one instructor led lab though, got there a couple of minutes late and found the room overflowing -- not enough computers to go around. I've done most of my scripting work in vbscript, but powershell encapsulates .net programming (oh noes) and can do some pretty cool stuff.

Windows Server Core is a cut-down server with no pretty gui... only, there is one because you get a command prompt in a window, and can open notepad and regedit on the box. However, even though you can run IIS on the box, .net isn't there and so neither is powershell, which would have been cool. I wonder if you can slipstream .net into a core box, maybe hacking in the binaries and the registry keys?

Anyway, I'll try to keep updating in the future, but I'm pretty slack.

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