Friday, November 28, 2008

WAR update

Well, I've played through the Heavy Metal event on my alt Individual, which was fun and amazingly fast to complete. I guess they want lots of Empire Tanks. I'll be tanking up once the event finishes. I haven't played a Tank before so this should be interesting.

I'm playing a Rune Priest (my main), Khalid; a Bright Wizard (Telansa) and a White Lion (Individual). All are fun, but I'm not out of T3 on Khalid yet (only level 24). Scenarios are great fun, but I think it is too quick to level on Scenarios alone. If they pop rapidly, and you consistently get a good group, you can get around 10K xp each time -- not including the extra xp you get for the repeatable "go do this scenario" quests. Tie that to the "kill x enemies" quest and you can get 15-20K XP every twenty minutes or so.

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