Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

It would be nice to actually keep a few resolutions for a while, since I often have the same ones -- on the other hand, I often have no resolutions to keep (seems simpler).

For 2009, I'd like to do the following:
  • Get Healthy. Not "lose weight", but definitely lose a few (tens of) inches from the belt.
  • Write more. Blog more, write more stories, write some articles perhaps.
  • Get frugal. I read often, but I'm terrible with money. I make a nice amount, but after mortgage and bills come out there isn't a huge amount left over.
  • Have a holiday. Go up to Brisbane for a few days or a week even, with wifey and my kids.
  • Play better. I play Magic the Gathering and love it. I'm not very good at it (although I have had my moments), and it would be nice to get better.
  • Get known. Articles, discussions, helping out online -- these help you get known, get your name out there. It isn't going to just 'happen', I need to make it happen.
  • Love more. Do more things with the wifey and kids, especially wifey, she has to put up with me after all.
  • Live better. Do stuff around the home, garden (yerk). Clean out that overfilled granny flat out back and turn it into a workshop and den.
  • Get things done. I've had the books for ages, but I drifted away from GTD -- too much effort. I never did the cleanup of things to do at home, so that didn't help either. Make an effort on this in the new year.

Happy New Year.

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