Thursday, January 08, 2009

Drive by weight loss spam

Way back in 2007 I wrote a post on Syndromes and Disorders, so i was a bit surprised to get an email that someone had commented on it.

And what a lovely comment:

luccy said...
Dieting and physical exercises can help you
in shedding your weight to a certain extent but if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is
30 or exists above this value, you need to take extra measures for adequate
relief from the shackles of obesity. However, Phentermine, Adipex etc are FDA
approved diet pills that suppress your appetite effectively and assist you to
lose weight once you fall in the grip of obesity. Phentermine should be
administered only after getting hold of a Phentermine prescription from the
doctor and for more details on the medicine, visit the website http://deleted the site

Well.. let's see. First, this has nothing to do with the post, which was more about Asperger's, Tourette's, tics and ADD. Smells like spam.

Next, luccy states you can't lose weight without help if your BMI is too high. Given I do have a BMI over 30, that was news to me. It's probably news to the contestants on Biggest Loser as well, since most of them succeed in getting that shackle relief you apparently can't get -- I think the show is a load of crap, by the way. A hell of a lot of emphasis on losing weight rapidly, but some of the techniques could be bad for you if you aren't under supervision. How on earth no one has dropped dead from a heart attack during it is beyond me.

It would be news to my doctor as well: Mind you, my doctor thinks that everything wrong with me is due to obesity (Lack of energy? Obesity. Aches and pains? Obesity. Broken leg? Obesity. Run over by a truck? Well, if you weren't so fat, you'd have gotten out of the way. Obesity.)

Hmm.. some drugs that are "FDA Approved" to reduce appetite. Nice to know, but since I'm in Australia I don't think that's really helpful to know. And, strangely, I don't want to know. Appetite isn't causing me to get fat: that's caused by my eating more kilojoules than my body uses to burn. Reducing my appetite will reduce my food intake. Reducing my food intake will cause that lovely effect well known to dieters -- the body treats reduced food intake as a famine, and goes into protective mode. Sure, you lose weight. You don't lose fat. Same goes for those diet shakes. I was on one for a while that worked by pretty much filling you up with "Ultra Low Calorie" food (more like flavoured dust). Add to that the "carb free" rules you had to eat by, and it was Atkins-with-flavoured-drink. You lose weight with low carb diets because you lose water and muscle mass. Then it levels off and by reducing your muscle mass its a lot harder to lose more.

The site (before I deleted the link) was called "weight-loss-truths". Strange how sites that lie are called "Truth" isn't it? They aren't selling weight loss, they are selling an alleged way to lose weight easier. Hate to say it, because it effects me too, but there isn't an easy way. It was easy to put the weight on, because for twenty years I continued to eat huge (and fatty/sugary) meals and exercise only little. The way to reverse that is to exercise and eat much better. For Twenty Years. Or eat really well and exercise a LOT MORE. Plus, I have a liver condition (Yep. Caused by Obesity) which pretty much means I have to lose weight slowly. Losing weight too fast (or using dietary drugs...) could cause more liver issues.

So, luccy, you're a spamming git, aren't you?


rujing said...

hi there,
i was madly googly "luccy weight loss" when i stumbled across your blog. read your post and like you, was "blessed" with a comment from the "kind" and "helpful" luccy. (i was actully trying to find this mysterious luccy to bombard them with hatemail.)
i agree there's no easy way to weight loss (as much as i'd like to believe otherwise... imagine, a single pill making you shed all the excess kilos!)
anyway, just wanted to say good luck with the weight-losing and if you ever find out how to contact luccy, do tell! ;)

marty said...

Hi rujing! Googling that spammer came to my site? weird. Stalking.. i mean, going to your site, and you're in Adelaide, too! small world :D

rujing said...

hi there! sorry for the very delayed response but yes! i noticed too, adelaide! hurrah! it's always nice to find other adelaidians on the big ol' interweb!