Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oceanic Servers Downtime and Customer Support

Warhammer Customer Support is pretty good, the ingame support is excellent. However, every now and then when a major fix comes out, the Oceanic servers tend to be a bit iffy.

The Server Status page shows that all the servers are up. When you log in, the servers appear to be up. But when the client attempts to connect to the server, instead it fails to complete. The last time this happened, everyone in my guild was getting this "Server has disconnected you" message, or even a crash out of the client. The other favourite is "Your password is invalid", which is great given you can't even get to this stage of logging in without giving your password, and if you mistype the password you don't get to the login stage.

Anyway, I report this to EA Customer Support, although there still isn't a "Server Issue" category.

Can't login to Oceanic servers. My whole guild is unable to login. Can login to US servers. Servers do not appear as offline, they disconnect when logging in (and sometimes the login screen crashs to desktop instead).
Also, you might as well add a "Can't login" category because it sure happens a lot.

Note that we CAN login to US Servers, just not the Oceanic ones.

Eventually, I get back this message (sent four hours later, by which time I was able to get in and play).


Thank you for contacting Warhammer Online Support.

If you are unable to log in to the Warhammer Online game servers or receive an error message, saying "No servers found" or "Cannot connect to server," you should first check to see if the servers are still up.

Players can check server status by visiting An icon to the left of the server name indicates whether that server is online or offline. Green indicates an online server, and red indicates an offline one.

To check for outages or updated news, please visit

If you still encounter the same problem in logging into any of the servers then I would request you to wait for few hours before you try to log-in once again.

We appreciate your patience in this matter.

Thank you,

EA Online Support.

Err... thanks for sending the form letter. What part of "Servers do not appear offline" did you miss?

My reply:
Firstly, of course I checked if the servers were up. According to both the inclient server selection screen and the realm status page on the WAR site, they were.
Secondly, no outages were list.
Thirdly, saying I should wait "a few hours" before trying again is not a satisfactory answer to this issue. This issue occurs quite often (and in fact although I was able to login again "a few hours" later, some guild mates posted on our forum that this wasn't the case with them.

I would prefer that this issue is rectified. The Oceanic servers don't seem to be getting the same level of care that the US servers get. I applaud Mythic for having them actually in Australia, unlike a certain other game, but surely you can test the damn things after you roll out a patch. I've had a few issues with the authentication server failing to recognise me after a patch: and in those cases I have no problem logging into US servers.

Try doing this in the US: the first time you make ALL the regions servers not connect users or refuse to authenticate them (but appear to be up and running), you'll have calls coming out of your ears.

Sigh.. should have been "Secondly, no outages were listED.", oh well.
So, that was more a rant session. Why the hell do the oceanic servers cop this issue, which as far as I know, doesn't effect the US users.

I get a reply back, four DAYS later:


Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.

We will need some information from you in order to assist you. Please respond with the following information:-

Your account name:-
Your secret word:-

If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know.

Thank you,

EA Online Support.

What. The. Fook. Why does he (and or she) want with my account name? And what is a secret word? Secret word? Well, I guess getting my account name might qualify as useful to check logs, but I did think my EA Customer account was already linked to that. As for secret word, I don't recall setting one and I can't see why that would be required.

I replied:
My account is XXXXXX. My secret word? What secret word? And how is it relevant to ALL the oceanic servers becoming unavailable for ALL users after a fix? Please provide the reason this has occured and how it will be rectified so that it won't occur in future, and what EA/Mythic will do to compensate for our losses. Thanks.

So, that's where it's at for now. I'll update when or if anything further comes out of it. I do recall that other game compensating users with added time when they had outages, so who knows. Maybe all Oceanic users will get an extra days play for free.

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