Friday, January 09, 2009


I haven't written about writing for a while, nor have I updated any stories -- in fact, not since the end (middle) of November, when I dropped out of NaNoWriMo due to lack of time (cough Warhammer Online cough).

Looking in my google docs, I've got.. hmm..

The Keystone
Apprentice Wizard manages to not be turned into a sacrifice bringing into the world the demon of chaos, only to end up marked as, well, the sacrifice to bring the demon of chaos into the world. And gets to be a pretty powerful wizard as well. And kidnapped by slavers. err.. and meets the girl of his dreams.
This had been a nanowrimo from 2005(!) that was written on an old OLD IBM PS/2 laptop so the paragraph formating (from Wordperfect for DOS!) is really bad. I had a vague outline, but started way in the past, so this story was meant to be the background to the real story.

Lost Mabel/Maude
Old lady meets a cat, then gets mugged by two very strange teens. Teens are from the underbelly, and take old lady back with them. The old lady has to live in a world of dark magic, watching out for Seth, the lost one (or is he?) who has ousted the Masters of Cups, Swords, Coins and Wands from the Lost Realm. Can she save the Realm, bring the underbelly into the light and prevent her grand-neice (also called Mabel/Maude) from joining the Riot Girls? (literally, Girls who riot. and tear men to pieces. And eat the pieces)
I'd been reading a few graphic novels when I came across the graphic novel version of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. What a fantastic idea, a world parallel to ours, where things are dark and fantastic. At the same time, I was listening a lot to Green Day's CD, American Idiot, and two things came out of it. One was this story idea, and the other is for a stage play for Jesus of Suburbia the musical (which I won't write about here, since I don't and will never have the rights for anyway. Plus, although according to the Wikipedia article there was at some stage a plan to make it into one.

Humans came to the planet called Refuge a few times, when their ships went through strange portals that teleport the ships onto the surface of this strange planet. Humans aren't alone, there are many intelligent species on the planet. Some, like the Ooo, are really strange. Others are human like. And there are other humans. The story follows the lives of the crew and descendants of the first interstellar colony ship.
This one has some plotlines mixed together, with humans both the hero and villian as the descendants of the first ship try to defend the university-city of Nurquititor from the invading armies from the south, the empire, founded also by humans but descendants of refugees from an interstellar war with aliens. The common thread is through the eyes of Darius, an engineer on the first ship who fell into a pool of strange slime: which turned out to be Ooo, an alien race that intelligent beings become a part of. Darius becomes immortal, and he (and other Ooo forms he makes) tries to keep humanity a part of Refuge.

The Gardener
The Evil Lord is dead, and the only one upset by it is his Gardener. A Princess needs to escape a marriage she doesn't want. A rumor of a new Evil Lord comes, and only the Gardener and the Princess can stop a new war.

Fantasy from a different angle.

So, now I just need to write them all, finish them up, make them all look nice and get them published. Should be easy. :/

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