Thursday, November 17, 2011

2011 post

Yeah, I'm still slack.

Since the last time I posted, over a year ago:
* I changed employers, leaving my employer for over six years to an international IT company
* That international IT company then won the bid to outsource the IT for... the company I worked for for six years
* My son turned 20!
* I posted this message :D

Yeah, there was a lot more that happened, but I didn't post anything in that entire time.

I am thinking of getting back into blogging, perhaps in gaming-related fields, since I play a card game (Legend of the Five Rings), a miniatures game (Warhammer/Hordes by Privateer Press), and a role playing game (was Pathfinder, but we're starting a Tunnels and Trolls campaign this week!) pretty regularly.

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