Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wow.. more than one post in six months!!

It's almost a record!

Feb 2012 update: Son (and his girlfriend) went off to Melbourne, Victoria to live and study (him at a interactive entertainment academy, her at a design school). I had a sad, but I'll survive. Kids eventually grow up and leave the house, it's by design. Sucks though: I knew he'd leave one day, just didn't expect it to mean he'd change state. He's right though (don't tell him that!). Victoria, especially Melbourne, is a much better location for his chosen career and abounds in opportunity.

I'd be scared shitless at the thought of just going to another state and leaving my family behind -- although realistically, I did exactly that nearly 25 years ago when I came here, but then I left one part of my family to live for a time with another part and then left that home when I got married. Not quite the same thing.

So I'm conflicted. Half incredibly proud of my son, half sad from missing him (which can sneak up on me).

Miniatures: going to try to get back into Warmahordes, playing this weekend
Legend of the Five Rings: dammit, I have a hospital appointment needing fasting the day after the next L5R tournament. I can't eat that whole day, and the thought of playing for six hours on an empty stomach is a bit much.
Roleplaying: Started a new World of Darkness game which is going well so far, even given my complete lack of knowledge of the game. And I'm running it. gulp.