Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bouncing around the web

The Reg is the Wikipedia vandal you can't revert.

I don't bother with The Reg anymore. I only went there for the BOFH, but all the latest by Simon have been crap. Actually, since number 14 or whatever they've been pretty tame.

I'm using to aggregate RSS feeds... which is fantastic except for the slight problem I have now -- I have 39 feeds I'm subscribed to. If they're all open, it fills a couple of screens with links, and often, they are to the same place.

One of them is, which apparently is a useful place. I wouldn't know. In netvibes, when you click on MOST of the feeds, a floating window frame thing opens with the rss published text inside it. You may only get a bit of the article (on Blogger you have to choose to publish the whole article in your feed, so I understand the WHY of this), but you generally get some idea what the link is about. Digg however opens a new window. And this window generally contains nothing except for another link, usually to someone ELSE. Fantastic. To make it more fun, say I read the article in the link on BoingBoing. I have that linked in netvibes. Then I see a link on Ed Bott's blog (another netvibe link). Two links. One back to BoingBoing, the other to somewhere else. So I go to the other link (Thomas Hawk) who links... to BoingBoing. Sigh. AND to himself (this article). Gah.

I guess this is all part of the fun :/

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